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Looking for reviews on cuckold porn? Let's be honest how many times have we been suckered into buying some cuckold movies off the back of a sexy looking DVDs cover?

More often than not we pick a porn DVD from the look of the cover (or should I say the porn star on the cover) then followed by the genre, series, porn stars DVD - but how often have you been really disappointed with the video or streamed title only to find out that once we've got the movie the only thing it is really good for is using it as a door stop?!

Although in the good old days cuckold videos where far much better as door stops than DVDs are, and as for streaming LOL well let's not try that one, but finding expensive doorstops is not what we are looking for! Which is why I've put this page up to review new and current cuckold DVDs, but with the range of streaming videos being far higher the vast bulk of these reviews will be on cuckold streaming.

Reviews on the BEST in cuckoldry porn

If you are new to the term VOD I've posted the viewing options available, from instant access using streaming to downloading that offers DVD quality downloads but at a fraction of the DVD buying cost, and not forgetting PPV but we'll talk about that great system later.

Features of Cuckold VOD

  • Cuckold's P.O.V - Its the new video from studio "Kick Ass Pictures" and the first in line of POV (point of view) videos and having never seen a good point of view cuckold title I was a little unsure about this but I do have to say they have done a GREAT job and whilst this studio will never reinvent there style of videoing what they have produced is good cuckold pov video helped especially by Evie Delatosso - full review pending in the meantime - more information
  • Spanked Wives And Cuckolds: Sandy Simmers - Ok ask yourself how many times has your wife needed a good spanking, we all know every now and then a women always needs to spanking but if your like me never dreamed of doing it. Maybe you've wanted to watch her taking being spanked. In that case this cuckold video, is exactly that theme and whilst I don't know anything about studio "Dreams to Reality" & director Michael Kahn it does show an interesting twist on the theme. Full review to follow - more information
  • Cuckolded White Boy - Babs & Sissy Boy are back again in another amateur video from their own studio "Babs Productions" What Babs has done to cuckoldry is prove you don't need these high end productions to make porn and one things for sure a Babs video is anything but high end looking more like one of the home made cuckoldry videos that I'm sure you've seen whilst meeting with swinging couples. These videos always have a strong theme of humiliation & forcing her sissy husband into sex acts that he has no enjoyment in doing. This video is currently under review - more information
  • Blonde Cuckold Interracial - Ultima Entertainment are known for one thing alone thats Ball busting videos where males are forced to take more abuse then any other video collection I've streamed where guys will get balls kicked, punched and generally made to take pain so I knew it wouldn't be long before they brought out a cuckoldry video and like many I'm keen to watch this new release and it offers great promise - more information

It would seem the the vast amount of new DVDs are going straight to streaming that offers a better, faster and cheaper way of watching porn and if you've never tried streaming click HERE for details of full range of movies.

The above videos are all pending review but in the meantime should you watch a video you want to warn/tell others about then please drop us a line and I will happily post your review.

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