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Have you seen the term cuckoldry, cuckold, cucks, or even in some cases cockold and wondered "what is cuckold sex"? Well hopefully I can help you with some basic background on what cuckoldry is about and how in the 21st century people are enjoying the cuckold swinging scene.

The cuckold scene started in Japan where it was used as a punishment to wives if they were unfaithful to husbands and the Japanese husbands would take wives out into the streets where other husbands would come out and masturbate over the wife as a punishment, the question is did the wives secretly enjoy that?

The scene then over years evolved mainly in thanks to the second world war where wives would take lovers and tell their husbands about their activities in erotic letters that they would send to keep their husbands happy!

Cuckoldry in the 21st Century

Since then the cuckold scene has collided with the swingers scene and now, thanks to the internet, cuckold couples have no problems in meeting with horny males using some of the many contacts website's that are online.

Cuckold couples from all over the UK, and indeed Europe, now use contact websites to find single males so they can fuck their wives and as you can imagine there is no shortage of males that will be happy to help out and fuck you wife, but there are different types of cuckold couples, such as:

  • Straight cuckold - where the husband will sit back and just watch with no involvement, this is by far what most will consider cuckold sex to be about
  • Sissy Cuckold - where the husband will be dressed as a maid and made to serve both the wife and the bull
  • Forced cuckold clean up - this is where the husband will be made to lick cum from the wife after the male has cum inside her
  • Humiliation - the husband will be humiliated by normally making reference to his small cock
  • Made to leave the house - here the husband will either sit in the car outside or in another room whilst the wife fucks other males

For the vast amount of cuckolds contacts it is all about one thing alone and that is teh husbands just sitting back and enjoying the show, watching their wives being fucked by another male.

A lot of cuckold couples do like to take photos and sometimes videos whilst they are getting fucked and normally these photos are for a keep sake for the hubby or wife to look at afterwards, so make sure both the male or couple are happy about this.

So if you fancy fucking someone else's wife whilst the husband watches, or if you are a couple and want to let other guys fuck your wife, then YOU'RE a cuckolded husband and by clicking on the banner below you can add your own FREE personals advert...



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