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As a cuckold husband and webmaster I enjoy greatly reading members stories and if I have to be honest looking at profiles as well, it is one of the perks of the job you could say, but it is the cuckoldry stories that I get far more enjoyment reading and I don't mind if they are about real life events or fictional stories.

Apparently it was said (probably some famous author) that we are all budding authors and have a story waiting to be written, but I have to be honest I'm far better at reading members stories than coming up with them myself.

The stores we get submitted are from both husbands, wives & in some cases bulls (they always offer a different perspective) but all makes for interesting reading. Or if you are just considering the cuckold scene its a great resource of information, although if fictional you do have to take this into account.

Free Stores & cuckold research

With so many members submitting stories you have the advantage of reading a vast range of stories and sexual fantasies and all the voyeurs and wanna be cuckold husbands will find it interesting reading about just what goes on between a wife, male swinger (bull) and a watching husband.

The cuckold stories posted here cover just about every type of experience from first time cuckold, clean up husbands, forced cuckold to sissy maids and if you have a story you would like to submit just drop us a line.

Real & Fiction Cuckold Stories

  • Our first cuckold (True Life) - we'd been talking about it for a little while and like most couples had watched the odd bit of porn but also knew these were actors but they did give the idea of what cuckoldry was about. We found a site and joined up and it wasn't long before guys were contacting us asking to meet up - more
  • My Hubby's a Cuckold (Fictional) - I really didn't know what to expect, we joined this swingers website and looking around the profiles kept reading about cuckold and it was only when we looked more into it that my husband said he would love to see me getting fucked by a black swinger - more
  • Watching my husband sucking cock (True Life) - My husband had never told me in so many words that he was bisexual male but when playing games I would sometimes make him suck a dildo after using it and tell him to pretend its a real cock but one night when a bull came round to fuck me I wanted to take this role playing to another level and see if I could turn my husband into a cock sucking cuckold - more
  • My Sissy husband (Fictional) - I came home after working all day and going upstairs I walked in with my husband wearing my knickers! looking at him I asked if he'd worn any of my other clothes and he told me that he sometimes puts on my tights & bra. With this confession I thought I'd tell him that I too had a confession the I wanted to get fucked by other men whilst he watched! - more

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