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Welcome Cuckold VOD
forget buying DVDS try video on demand

Want to find the best place to watch cuckold porn? Well forget the membership sites or buying DVDs, try cuckold VOD as a faster, better & cheaper way of watching great porn with a range of videos the likes of which you've never seen before in any online store or adult DVDs site!

With more people having access to high speed internet connections the VOD (video on demand) market has opened up to so many more people, giving then full access to some of the finest in cuckoldry vod and no longer are you forced to wait around for DVDs to turn up with VOD you have instant access.

Main features of Cuckold VOD:

  • No monthly membership fees
  • Only pay for what YOU watch
  • Live support 247 for online support should you have problems
  • Watch Videos on your TV (lead required)
  • Over 150,000 adult videos ready to watch NOW
  • No software or hardware needed
  • Payment by credit card
  • Anonymous viewing of porn videos (no one will know what you've watched)

Features of Cuckold VOD

  • Streaming - by streaming cuckold titles you'll gain instant access although you will need to be online. The major advantage in using streaming is the instant viewing as you will be watching the video via a live feed so no watching or downloads. Streamed videos will cost around £3 and as videos start straight away you literally can be watching a films within a few seconds of finding a movie - more information
  • Download - by downloading your cuckold porn you'll gain the access of DVD quality DVDs but at a fraction of the price of buying and rather waiting around for weeks for you porn DVDs to turn up a download will take between 1-3 hours depending on your connection speed. With downloads hire period is anything from 7-31 days and cost is around £4 so still cheaper than hiring a video from your local dvd hire shop- more information
  • PPV (Pay Per View) - the gen in the store! least thats what I think as it the best way to watch loads of great scenes from thousands of clips. PPV cuckold works by splitting the video into scenes you then click on the scene you want to stream and pay for as long as you watch it. One great advantage of this is if you like a certain porn star or scene and thats all you want to watch then why bother with the whole film. Using PPV cost from 4p per minute so 10 minutes of porn will cost you 40p! talk about great value!! - more information
  • Down & Burn to Disk - if you REALY want the cuckold DVD then why not download it and burn it onto a blank DVDR ( recordable black DVD) this way you'll get it cheaper & again have the copy inside a few hours - more information

Adult Video on Demand is not only faster, cheaper and better than buying your porn via shops but its also a lot more secure as you are not relying on a posting service to get your porn and with more over seas mail getting a lot more scrutiny due to hardcore porn coming in there's every chance the adult DVDs YOU ordered and paid for will get pulled by the customs.

Adult VOD guarantees the delivery of your porn as it is sent straight onto your pc for either instant viewing or download, so why not try it out, you can trust me that once you get into VOD you'll wonder why you every bought DVDs!

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